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Foresight News is a powerful platform of upcoming news and events that helps you plan your editorial coverage and media strategy.

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We do our best to predict the future, but, as we've seen in recent years, some of these events are subject to change as the global situation evolves. If you have any questions about any of the events, or would like to submit your own events for consideration, contact our editorial desk on (020 7970 4293 or at editorial@foresightnews.com.

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"Foresight News has been a great help as we scan the horizon for future events to include in The World In…, the annual compilation of predictions for The Economist".

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About Foresight News


  • Organise editorial coverage
  • Ensure releases are newsworthy for maximum coverage
  • Share and distribute content across departments


  • Respond to stories before they make news
  • Anticipate and influence public opinion
  • Access embargoed information


  • Promote your clients or spokespeople as experts
  • Produce statements ahead of time
  • Schedule releases around news hooks
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To help you kick-start your editorial and media strategy in 2022, we’ve put together a downloadable calendar which highlights key stories and events for the year.